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Canadian diamondsCanadian Diamonds shine brightly in the Canadian Arctic. Among the Polar Bears and rugged arctic terrain is the discovery of the century. Now there is a clean alternative to diamond buyers. Ethically mined and bloodshed free Canadian diamonds.

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Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

The Canadian Diamond Certificate

Certified Canadian diamonds are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Government of the North West Territories (GNWT) guaranteeing its Canadian origin. You must insist on this certificate if you want to guarantee your diamond as being Canadian. The Canadian diamond Certificate of Authenticity is issued by the Canadian government and specifies that this diamond in mined and cut in Canada.

A government seal with the GNWT's official polar bear insignia adorns the certificate. The certificate states that the accompanying diamond has met the high standards outlined by the GNWT Certification Program including a Gemprint image of the diamond. A Gemprint image is the world's most sophisticated, non-invasive diamond identification system which uses a computer to scan an image, or "fingerprint" of the diamond. Each diamond has its own distinctive characteristics. This provides yet another level of authenticity that the diamond is truly Canadian.

"This certification system guaranteeing the origin of NWT diamonds is on the leading edge of the diamond industry. No other region in the world is putting such a program in place."

Hon. Joseph Handley,
Minister of Resources,
Wildlife and Economic
Development, GNWT
Canadian diamonds, North West Territories Canadian Diamond Certification Seal

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Certified Canadian diamonds accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity have a GEMPrint image included on the certificate. The Gemprint positively identifies your Canadian diamonds as belonging to you. If you diamond is ever lost or stolen the Gemprint will trace the Canadian diamond as stolen from the Gemprint computer database.

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All Canadian diamonds have the certificate number laser etched on the girdle. Even the novice can inspect the Canadian diamond with jewellers loupe or magnifying glass and verify the Canadian diamond.

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Canadian Diamonds

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